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promotional image for We Need A Savior, a one-man musical

We Need A Savior: A One-Man Musical


A telling of the birth of Christ from the perspective of a wise man in an African village in a one-man musical with Nigerian and classical music influences.

This play received productions in connection with the New Life Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church Danvers and the Winslow Baptist Church and is currently on tour annually.


This is Not A Bill


Its 1854. The Fugitive Slave Act promotes the capture of runaway slaves and punishes those who help them. Abolitionist Salem, MA has good opportunities to start a new life, but the better known Salem becomes the more enticing it is to bounty hunters. A committee of vigilance, a secret group of free born and formerly enslaved people, must help two escaped slaves determine whether it's safer to stay in Salem or flee to Canada, to start a new life.

This play was written in partnership with History Alive, Inc. and is the recipient of numerous grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. It is also a nominee of the Outstanding Pubic History Project Award from the National Council on Public History and a nominee of the regional Best Play award from BroadwayWorld.

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Image by Dan Cook, paint pallette with multiple colors on symbolizing the diversity in this musical

The Rest of Us


Meet Janet Blue, a recent divorcée struggling to find herself within the quirky neighborhood of Claret, an art therapy enclave. And meet her brother Peyton, who despite being unable to speak, has already blended right in on grounds Janet cannot completely understand. The neighbors only see Peyton's exceptional musical talent as his own form of healing, which Janet knows is not even close to the full story.
Is Peyton keeping some sort of secret from everyone, or do he and Janet perhaps have to face the same demons?

This play received a workshop, reading and video production in conjunction with the Gordon College Theatre Department.


Ballad for Madeline


Maddie is a precocious young girl who lives a nomadic existence with her jaded, divorced mother. Tired of moving every time her estranged father who tracks their whereabouts attempts to reconnect with them, Maddie must decide whether to throw caution to the wind or gain some stability in her life, with or without her mother.

This 10-minute play received a workshop and reading in conjunction with the Gordon College Theatre Department and was a finalist for the Boston Theatre Marathon XXIII.

Image by Jefferson Sees, a stack of suitcases haphazardly on top of a car
Variety of chemotherapy drugs in vials and bottles


Listening to Lily


The daughter of an ER nurse, Lily's life after college graduation has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She watches as people she cares about get taken from the world and as her mother struggles to keep up. And being high-risk herself, Lily can't do anything to help - except for one solution everyone's recommended she do, that will keep her life moving...

This monologue was a semi-finalist for the Stethoscope Stage Festival, which was produced by the Texas Christian University School of Medicine.


Renewal: A Two-Man Musical


A look at marital conflict from the perspective of the Bible in a two-man musical with Nigerian and African music influences.

This play received productions in connection with the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Redeemed Christian Church of God, House of Glory, New Life Presbyterian Church, Winslow Baptist Church and  CityLife Church.

promotional image for Renewal, a two-man musical
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